Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

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Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star in this hugely enjoyable mash-up of two very different genres



Jon Favreau

Notable Cast:

Daniel Craig
Harrison Ford
Sam Rockwell

Country of Origin:


Release Date:

17 August 2011 (UK)



Running Time:

119 mins



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Cowyboys and Aliens got a lot of stick when it first came out and I can’t see why, because I really enjoyed it!

It’s not the fastest paced movie ever, and there could have been a few more action scenes, but what is there is pretty good.

My only gripe was Daniel Craig’s acting. Where Keanu is like a cardboard cut-out, Craig is more like a rock – cold and boring. The only thing bad ass about his character was the gun on his wrist.

Harrison Ford on the other hand wasn’t too bad, but we’re not talking Indy or Solo here! Sam Rockwell was also a welcome surprise, even if he was playing a pretty straight-laced character for a change!

If you have a decent home cinema setup then this will put it through its paces as the picture and sound are top notch.

Cowboys and Aliens (2011)


  • Sepcial effects are top notch
  • The sound will give your home cinema setup a workout
  • A fantastic mash-up of two genres
  • Not going to win any awards for story telling
  • Daniel Craig's wooden acting
  • The religious stuff got a bit tiring

Definitely worth a pick up if you can get it for cheap and you want to give your home cinema setup a work out!

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