The Pigman Murders (2013)

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An excellent low budget indie found-footage horror!


Also Known As:

Somebody's There


Stephen Patrick Kenny

Country of Origin:


Release Date:

10 June 2013 (Ireland)



Running Time:

75 mins



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Seven friends head to the wilderness of Connemara, Co. Galway for a weekend break to celebrate the first year anniversary of a close friend.


First night in they come across a beaten and bloodied male looking for help as he warns them that two masked men attacked him and took his girlfriend, some of the group head into the wooded area in search as others return to their cars which have disappeared.

With no houses for miles and no transport they must walk themselves back but are not alone! All caught on camera “Somebody’s There” is an intense rollercoaster that will bring documentary style to another level.

Having seen quite a few ‘found footage’ films, I was pleasantly surprised by this new horror flick The Pigman Murders. The movie sets off harmless enough doing the usual job of drawing in you in to the characters that are presented to you on screen over a short period of time while they set of on their journey.

Once they reach their destination, the setting changes to the wilderness which changes the pace of the film once the isolation sets in and the characters start getting picked off one by one.


I like the fact that SPK just hasn’t gone all out gore with this and in fact much of the killing is off screen, left up to your imagination.

It’s a more psychological experience especially once the numbers start to dwindle down to the last ones…

A strong cast and a stand out performance from Mark Hutchinson, all in all this was an enjoyable film and I recommend checking it out on it’s general release.

The Pigman Murders (2013)



A very creepy found footage horror!

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  • Steven Flynn

    Great film. Well done Stephen.

  • Frank Daly

    Loved it!