Neil Gaiman – American Gods (2001)

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Book Review


The Bull of Gamekeepers Tales reviews Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Shadow has had a run of bad luck, but that’s coming to end, he’s due out of Prison in a few days, his wife is waiting for him and his best friend has a job lined up back home..but he can’t help thinking that there’s some dark clouds looming out there…somewhere.

Released early and heading home, he finds out his wife has died in a car crash. He’s not sure how he feels about the news, when he’s told that his best friend was in the car too and his wife died sucking him off. With nothing to look forward to, he heads back home to wish her good riddance, to clear up and clear out.

A chance meeting with an elderly gentleman calling himself Mr Wednesday, a refugee from an old war, a former god and self proclaimed King of America and Mr Wednesday has plans for Shadow.

This is an epic road trip across the map and soul of the Good Ol USA, a war is coming and the new gods want the old ones gone and gone for good. The only hope is to band together the old and forgotten for one last fight, but how can you defeat the New Gods of Media, Roads and the Internet?

“We have, lets face it and admit it, little influence. We pray on them, and we take from them, and we get by, we strip and we whore and we drink too much; we pump gas and we steal and we cheat and we exist in the cracks at the edges of society. Old Gods, here in this new land without gods.”

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