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Bar Review

Stumbled across this place a while back through a recommendation made by Ricky Baker (Eastern Heroes legend) on Facebook. Ever since I swore to myself that I had to visit as it sounded right up my street.

Martial Arts themed dive bar? Check
Cocktails? Check
Old Skool Arcade games? Check
Funky street food style bar snacks? Check

What more could I want?!

Throw in awesome decor, friendly staff and reasonably priced drinks and you’ve got yourself a kick ass evening. So with that in mind a friend and I decided to check it a couple of weeks back.

Not far from Clerkenwell Road, just off Mount Pleasant in London, the entrance is a kinda ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ door down a sneaky dead end road. Going through the main door you head down to the basement floor where you are greeted by a second until finally entering the funky bar contained within.


The first thing that hits you when you walk in is the decor. Martial Arts themed graffiti adorns the walls along with movie posters from the Shaw Brothers era, along with Jackie Chan classics, Bruce Lee and many more. Even the tables are covered in them! Now being a ‘dive bar’ it’s not be the biggest venue, but this just adds to warm friendly vibe of the place.


Oh, did I mention TVs on the wall showing a selection of old movies? Yeah, they got that too…


Now on to the drinks! The cocktails are all martial arts movie themed, so I dove in with a ‘Pat Mojito’ and my pal had a Tony Jaa inspired one (can’t remember the name unfortunately!). The bar itself has a crazy selection of spirits and also plenty of Tsingtao beer, so you won’t go thirsty or run out of ideas as to what to have.

After enjoying our first round we headed to the ‘arcade room’ which is an off-shoot off the main room (which also has a huge projector screen playing films throughout the evening). They have classic games such as Point Blank 2, Time Crisis and a couple of MAME Machines (anyone not familiar with these go google them haha).


After a ‘quick couple of goes’ it was time for more cocktails at the bar and time to try out the famous PimpShuei Spicy Noodles. Coming in 2 sizes, we opted for the smaller to start with and we were not disappointed! They come in the classic old skool folding card box with a pair of chopsticks. Great flavour and a nice stop gap between the drinks!


As the evening went on more cocktails and games were had as well as a large portion of the noodles to round off what had eneded up being a very enjoyable night.

On a personal note, I must give a shout out to the owner who appreciated the shirt I was wearing so much (a limited edition Pulp Fighter 2 one!) he gave my friend and I a free round of Jagermeister. God bless you sir!


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  • Friendly Staff
  • Mad Cocktail Skills
  • Spicy Noodles!
  • Great decor and atmosphere
  • Cocktail menu could be a bit more extensive

Kung Fu, cocktails, videogames and noodles! What's not to like?!

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