Captive (2016)

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Film Review



Stephen Patrick Kenny

Notable Cast:

Mark Hutchinson
Rob James Capel
Marty Nolan
Rachael O'Connor
Bernie Kavanagh


Hood Up Films



Running Time:

84 mins



I was lucky enough to get an early screener copy of Captive from the director so the following will be spoiler free but enough for you to get a feel of what to expect when the film is released later this year in April.

Captive 2

The plot is a simple premise, a group of people wake up to find themselves locked in an underground bunker.

It is the future and 12 strangers have been chosen for a game that will see only one of them survive over twenty-four hours.

Confused, disorientated and eager to escape, they must complete a series of tasks given them to them by a nameless distorted voice that comes from a phone they find, so they can be given the antidote to a virus they have all been infected with.

Captive 3

If they try and leave without doing what has been asked of them they are gunned down in cold blood, so unfortunately escape is not an option!

As the decisions get harder, characters are broken while others stand up and become leaders but only one of them can survive.

Captive 1

As the entire film takes place in one area I’m quite restricted on what I can comment on in regards to the setting so it’s the performances here that carry the film from start to finish .While the concept is not new, it has been executed well and tensions are kept high as claustrophobia settles in as the film progresses.

The cast this time round give it a good go, showing that they do not trust each other with emotions running high and another standout performance from SPK regular Mark Hutchinson (The Pigman Murders) are notable.

Hood Up Films
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Captive (2016)


  • Good Cast Performances
  • Claustrophobic setting
  • Some parts over-acted
  • Editing could have been tighter

All in all this is another great little cult gem in the same vain as others such as Saw, Cube and the anime Gantz.

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