Honky Holocaust (2014)

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From the Troma Press Release:

“Paul Michael McAlarney’s Honky Holocaust is a gruesome, brilliant and hilarious grindhouse/exploitation film exploring racism’s complex effects on society and the individual. Introducing a multitude of characters, all from different positions and perspectives on the spectrum of ideologies and attitudes toward race, Honky Holocaust insists ruthlessly and without censoring any detail that a single seed of bigotry can destroy any society from within.

In true exploitation fashion, the filmmakers do so by showing rather than implying the consequences. A great homage to classic Troma movies, Honky Holocaust may be the most controversial Tromasterpiece since 1985’s Surf Nazi’s Must Die.

Taking strong and unabashed influence from a wide variety of classic exploitation films and filmmakers such as Sergio Leone, Lloyd Kaufman, Street Trash, Jack Hill, Rudy Ray Moore, Roger Corman, and of course Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust.

Honky Holocaust takes the audience back to the 1960s where Charles Manson was building an army to wait out the Helter-Skelter race war and emerge from the Manson Family Bunker to conquer the world when the dust cleared.


In reality, of course, Charles Manson’s plans were foiled fortunately, but in Honky Holocaust he sees them realized, and the film follows his daughter Kendra and the Manson Family out of the bunker and into the world above, 35 years after the murder of Sharon Tate.

What Kendra Manson and her “Family Members” soon realize, however, is that their racist ideologies and prophecies were vastly inaccurate and toxic.


Rather than tackle racism in its infinite forms as an onlooker might perceive them, Honky Holocaust, takes the audience a step further, piercing into the minds of those affected by racism and those who possess the bigoted attitudes, and exposes the delusions, the self-fulfilling reactions, the fear, and the complacency that often fuels racist ideas even when facts contradict them to the core, all in an entertaining and thought provoking manner.

When Kendra finds herself separated from the Family, she must rely on the same individuals that she and her Family were trained to hate and kill, and finds herself forced to face reality and re-evaluate the decades of brainwashing that she had undergone, if only Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton could do likewise.”


We’re a big fan of Troma and have been since the early days of classics such as The Toxic Avenger, Tromeo and Juliet and Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD. Having been approached by the mighty Troma themselves to cast our eyes over this, who were we to refuse!

Bloody Hammer Films’ Honky Holocaust was picked up recently by the classic Troma and deserves its place amongst the rest. Exploitation, gore, sex and violence by the bucket load. A crazy psychedelic trip in to a time where the whites have become the minority and have been driven to slums where their ethnic cousins once resided.


A twisted take on an alternate reality, in amongst the madness it still manages to drive the message of equality home. Think the complete opposite of the Oscars, with tits, dicks and machine guns.

In summary, if you love Troma you will love this. Feels like a throwback even though this was made relatively recently.



Honky Holocaust (2014)


  • Gore!
  • Boobs!
  • Gross SFX
  • Way too much cock

In summary, if you love Troma you will love this. Feels like a throwback even though this was made relatively recently.

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