Alien Toilet Monsters #0 (2016)

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The awesome Carol Zara was nice enough to send us The Zero Issue of the upcoming Alien Toilet Monsters!

Working in partnership with Eric Barnett, the two have come up with an interesting concept of the which looks as good as it is sounds.

The artwork is crisp and detailed and from what we’ve seen so far this could be a cult classic in the making! Aliens? Toilets? Pretty girls? What’s not to like?!


The team have been working hard putting the brand together so please head over to their site to check out the merch and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for updates!

Well done guys, we can’t wait for issue 1 to be released in the near future!


Alien Toilet Monsters #0 (2016)


  • Great concept
  • Awesome artwork
  • Not enough! (was only a teaser...)

Alien Toilet Monsters are coming. Don't forget to flush!

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