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New Hardcore Henry Trailer & Poster

New poster and Trailer for the upcoming Hardcore Henry, almost ready to be dropped in April!

— 14 Feb 2016

Comic Review

Alien Toilet Monsters #0 (2016)

Carol Zara and Eric Barnett bring you Alien Toilet Monsters! So stick a cork in it and read on...

— 5 Feb 2016

Film Review

Captive (2016)

New upcoming sci-fi horror from the director of The Pigman Murders.

— 14 Dec 2015

Film Review

Predator Dark Ages (2015)

Mini review of James Bushe's new fan film Predator Dark Ages

— 15 Nov 2015
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Film Review

Cowboys and Aliens (2011)

Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star in this hugely enjoyable mash-up of two very different genres

— 7 Jan 2012